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Vibration training was developed in Russia as early as the 1970's and proved highly effective in the success of the National Olympic teams during that decade.

As a result the Russian Space Programme embraced the same technology to counteract the negative effects of weightlessness on muscles and bones (osteoporosis) of its Astronauts.

Today Vibration Training (WBV) is the 'Buzz' word in the Health and Fitness industry.

Vibrostation works by generating vibrations that are transferred to the body. This process causes a 'myotatic' reflex or a 'stretch' reflex in the muscle being trained. The muscles involuntarily contract up to 30 times per second depending on your chosen setting.

An example of a stretch reflex is a reflex tested by the Doctor when they tap a reflex hammer under the knee. The upper leg muscles involuntarily contract 100% automatically.

Almost 100% of the muscles in the body are exercised using Vibrostation, unlike conventional training methods that only reach 40-55%.

A complete workout on the Vibrostation takes just 10 minutes to complete although it can be used for up to 30 minutes at a time.

The workout requires very little effort and will not cause you to sweat, which makes it the ideal training solution enabling you to go about your daily duties with the minimum of fuss.

A workout on the Vibrostation is equivalent to 1hr in the gym.

The Vibrostation Home Studio uses a 'pivotal' vibration mechanism that generates a rocking motion. This is generated from the plate's position on a central axis and is similar to the movement of a see-saw. As you stand on the vibration plate your left foot would raise as your right foot comes down in a repetitive motion.

Exercising on the Vibrostation Home Studio is simple and results are effective.


Type of Vibration:Pivotal / Oscillating vibration system
Number of levels:1-99 speed levels
Number of programs:9 auto programs & 1 manual program
Maximum speed:Frequency 0 - 32hz
Amplitude:0 - 13mm
Maximum user weight:190 kg
Dimensions:57.5cm x 27cm x 18.5cm
Unboxed dimensions:52.5cm x 32cm x 18.5cm
Platform size:45cm x 26cm
Weight:11.4kg Boxed / 9.7kg Unboxed
Power Output in watts:200w
Warranty:3 Years
Remote control:Included
Resistance bands:Included

From our many years experience in the vibration training industry we have found that our 'pivotal' systems are popular with customers that want to achieve excellent results without having to undergo extensive training on how to use the equipment or adapt into different positions.

The main benefit of a 'Pivotal' vibration plate is that by standing in just one position throughout the duration of the workout you will activate and work the body's core muscles. This is why it is so well suited within your home, a salon and gym use. You can quite simply stand in one position for 10 minutes without having to adapt in to any other training positions.

By viewing the exercise section you can also see the specific exercises that can be performed using the Vibrostation, vibration plate.

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