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My Wife and I spent quite a considerable time looking for a vibrating plate machine as there seemed to be many variations available to choose from, in the end the machine which suited us best was the "Vibrostation". The "Vibrostation" does exactly what it says on the box at a fraction of the cost of other vibration plate machines. A further added benifit is the 0% easy option payment arrangement. In use the "Vibrostation" does everything as well as the machine we use in the Gym, which today is currently on offer online at £3,519.12. I cannot praise this machine enough, well done "Vibrostation" and many thanks.
Mike Barnett, Bedford


We truly are delighted with the vibrostation, it is proving to be a very popular service in our salon. Clients and staff alike are achieving noticeable results at quite a quick pace. On a personal note I have found after sticking at the same weight for a considerable amount of time, using the vibrostation has enabled me to achieve my target weight for my height. We are gaining new clients for the vibrostation on a daily basis.
Janet Armstrong, Sanctuary Beauty - Co Durham


We found by offering our clients a 10 week block, coming 3 times each week, we achieved an average loss of 7 inches from the body of each client. The greatest success being 11 1/2 inches from that 30 sessions. Every client so far has been more than pleased with the vibrostation and the results.
Carol S, Flicks Hair and Beauty - 2 West High Street - Portgordon Moray


As a trainer with over 15 years experience in the fitness industry it's pleasing to see a unique piece of equipment that is not only very effective but also backed up by evidence-based research. Vibration plate training, integrated with other forms of training, has played an important role in my client successes over the last few years. More recently, I have been working with the vibrostation, vibration plate which I have found to be one of the more superior devices on the market today at a very reasonable price.
Nick Smith, BSc NASM CPT, SFS, IFS Personal Trainer & Director of Health Performance


I've used several other machines in the past and this is by far the best , I'm now looking at going into business and will definatly be using these machines .
V Pettman, Kent


I wish to write a testimonial on the vibrostation specifically for Gym Proprietors and Personal Trainers such as myself, so am writing from a business point of view as well as being a genuinely satisfied customer. Recently, so many of my clients have asked me to look into investing in a vibration plate so I Googled it all and eventually came up with vibrostation. I love the price and I love the quality. I always do my research and this is an unbelievable price for a top notch product. You can't fail - I recently re-located to a new location but to make it beautiful it made funds TIGHT! With vibrostation, I had the option to pay in installments AND it is a high quality product with a commercial warranty. Cash flow sorted then! The feedback has been phenomenal - one lady paid for a year up front this week which means I am just now just £100 short of the full price of the machine after less than 2 weeks!! It is so nice to have speculated to accumulate so spectacularly so quickly for once (as you may appreciate it is not always thus!) I love it more than anything because it brings new clients into the gym (they do not need full gym membership to use it with me) and also because it can be used so effectively for re-hab scenarios: I have 3 clients with arthroscopy operations and 2 with ankle problems. Now - instead of offering 'upper body to keep them going for now' - I can keep and build their muscle tone - it is the same for a client who recently lost his ability to grip and is quickly losing muscle tone - he is using static contraction on the vibrostation to build his forearm flexors up again. I heartily recommend you to invest in the vibrostation - it has been a great decision for our club.
Cat Lawford, Instructor of the Year 2006 (Wales)


I'm writing to let you know how much I, and my wife, appreciate the results we are having from the Vibrostation machine. After much searching we finally decided to go for Vibrostation because of its value-for-money and its office and delivery service. We are delighted with that decision. I write as a professional about the health benefits possible from the use of this machine and believe that it maximises the functionality of the body's often flawed systems about which I could write at length. But won'! A session of Vibrostation should be a daily experience for all, from sports enthusiasts to the elderly, helping to release the vitalistic flow from within outwards. Can't recommend it enough.
Robert Boyd, DO - DBCS President - Bio Cranial Institute International


As Club Manager of Ladies Workout Express in Belfast, and also Franchise Development officer I am always looking for new equipment that will benefit not only my members but also to increase membership throughout the franchise of Ladies Workout Express. I had heard a lot about the new power plates that were the ‘in thing’ in the fitness industry at the minute so I decided to do some research on them. I came across the Vibrostation website and found everything I needed to know about the plates. Obviously the Vibrostation sold itself and I have found many benefits from having it here in my club. The Vibrostation team made everything so easy for me. I had placed my order and before I knew it the machine was up and running in my club. The members love it and so do my staff. The machine enables a workout that is so unique and more importantly so quick. My members can get a full body workout and not even break a sweat. We also have the vibrostation available throughout our clubs in the UK & Ireland. I would recommend using Vibrostation as the service we received was fantastic and it has certainly helped my business flourish. The members using Vibrostation love it and even more love the results they are getting.
Jenny Blakely, Ladies Workout Express Health and fitness clubs


My Clients and I are really pleased with the vibrostation. It has given me another added dimension to personal training. I have used it for full body workouts, just stretching after a hard run and (to the worthwhile bit) the massage, what a great way to finish off a workout! Thank you for a very speedy and efficient delivery.
D Braid, Personal Trainer. East Sussex


I run a colonic Irrigation clinic and originally purchased a Vibrostation to offer my clients five minutes of vibration exercise prior to a colonic treatment. As I became more familiar with the exercises I decided to offer my clients Vibration training as part of their Get Healthy and Fit programme. I have recently purchased a second Vibrostation to keep up with the demand of my customers wanting to exercise without having to spend so much time at the gym, the results they are seeing in terms of weight loss, toning, stamina and energy levels are amazing, I give one to one training or with a friend, I would be lost without this valuable piece of equipment from a personal and business need and would highly recommend anyone thinking of buying one for home use or business.
Jo Cook, Serenity Flow. Tadworth


We are delighted with our vibrostation, vibration plate. Both my Wife and I find it easy to use and we both noticed the difference almost immediately. It has very quickly become the most used piece of equipment for both excursive and massage. At first it seems hard to believe the vibration plate is doing anything but the next day, when you find all your muscles feel that slight exercise tightness, you know it is doing something. After a week you are pretty sure, after two weeks using the vibration plate you are quite certain it is doing something. It is a bit like exercise through alchemy! Just resist the temptation to have the settings too high to start with because the vibration plate really does work those muscles! The best bit is, you really can achieve an hours exercise in fifteen minutes. This has been really useful recently as I have been extremely busy with work and other things and if we did not have the vibration plate I don't think I would be getting any exercise at all. We are really pleased we bought it and found the staff at vibrostation very helpful and informative when choosing a vibration plate. There are other more expensive vibraton plates out there but we found they are no better than the vibrostation when it came to the job in hand. Delivery was very prompt and I could not recommend it more highly.
Mr S McCallum, Berkshire


The vibrostation, vibration plate works at different levels of fitness. As a total body workout that does not require high levels of exertion, it helps even the most unfit people to start seeing results quickly whilst avoiding injury or overtraining.
Galina Imrie, MA Ed; Dip HFS, Dip Sports Therapy; I – ACT (Trainer) Personal trainer and detoxification practitioner Partner / Wellbeing Now


I am writing this testimonial as I believe the vibrostation is a fantastic product. I purchased a visbrostation as I had recently had a baby and I was finding it difficult to fit in gym time to lose the extra weight whilst looking after my baby and working full time. I contacted vibrostation and they were so helpful from the very beginning. I live in the Republic of Ireland and my delivery was within 10 days of ordering. I have now had my vibrostation for approximately 3 months and I find it fantastic. I have already lost most of my baby weight and I have toned up so much. It is so easy to use and can easily fit into any busy daily routine. The staff are so helpful and patient which is the icing on the cake for this wonderful product. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product to others.
Becky O' Riordan, Republic of Ireland


I would recommend the Vibrostation to all. First of all the staff have been wonderful. I have had the most amazing after sales service. If you have any questions they are always at the end of a phone to help. sometimes "after hours". Can you say that about many companies? Please don't won't be disappointed...Super product!
CF. Scott, Somerset


I have had my Vibrostation since 2008 at which time I was a very unhappy size 16. Since then, I have made changes to my lifestyle and Vibrostation has played a big part in helping me to now be a very happy size 10! I use the Vibrostation as part of my fitness routine and have found it invaluable in helping me to reach my goal. I am more toned and my skin on my thighs has improved significantly with the increase in my circulation. I would recommend the Vibrostation to any-one who is looking to break the cycle of being unhappy with their appearance. Make the change and include Vibrostation in your plans. You won't be disappointed.
Mrs S Evans, Northumberland


I am a personal trainer and recently purchased a Vibrostation for my one-to-one studio. Not only do I think this product is fantastic, my clients love it too! I have used Power Plate in the past and this is just as good but with a much more affordable price tag! Great value for money and great customer service, I would highly recommend this product.
Amy Wright, Identity Personal Fitness


Just wanted to say how delighted we are with the vibrostation that we recently purchased from you. It is every bit as good as you advertise and at an extremely competitive price. All our friends and relatives are impressed with the quality and user friendleness of the machine. We have had no hesitation in recommending it.
Dorothy Yates, West Midlands


I bought the vibrostation, vibration plate for my new Personal Training studio. I had sourced the internet to find an affordable vibraton plate that was still professional (and as good as the Power Plate) and found the vibrostation. It is a superb looking machine, that fits in perfectly in my gym and certainly does the job. I now have clients coming just for Vibration plate training and already I have seen a difference in their waistlines, arms, legs and strength. I would thoroughly recommend the vibrostation, vibration plate if you are looking to buy a vibration plate. There really is no need to look elsewhere.
G Robertson, Personal Trainer


I have been using the Vibrostation for about 3 months now and I can't believe the change it has made in my body shape. I feel better and my muscles are more toned and I feel more energetic. I have even started to get involved with other exercises as it has made me feel more confident. I decided to buy the Vibrostation as it was good value for money but still offered the same benefits and results as more expensive models. I would certainly recommend this system to others.
Sarah Smith, Yorkshire


I have Multiple sclerosis, and I am now confined to a wheelchair, which means that my lower limbs receive little or no exercise. I use the vibrostation, vibration plate regularly and have found the short 5 minute sessions reduce ankle and feet swelling and tone my leg muscles maintaining my ability to transfer. My wife also uses the vibration plate and as well as controlling her inches has had a major impact on her sinus blockages. The company is very friendly and their after care support cannot be faulted. My wife and I would not be without our vibrostation.
Mr T Jones, Somerset


I have been using the vibrostation for a couple of years now. I have MS, and it has helped me so much to strengthen my bones and muscles which then helps me with my daily living. It helps blood circulation and just about everything I need to function! The vibrostation tones your body as well, keeping my body in a fit conditon! The Staff at vibrostation are great, always at the end of the phone should you have any questions and I would have to give them 100% for their dedicated commitment to the customer. Thank you vibrostation and all the staff. It really works, I am proof of it.
Mrs R Ghould, Surrey


The vibrostation website is representative of a great product. It is informative and detailed enough for any potential purchaser to make an informed decision to purchase. The demonstration video is essential to get the best use out of the product. Without the video it is really not possible to fully appreciate what the product can do for you. The website also gives you a clear route to help and support, unlike some sites that "hide" the contact numbers under a myriad of interlinked pages. All in all a great site and a great product.
Mr P Pledge, Devon


We researched vibration training and were impressed with what it could do. We bought the vibrostation because it compared favourably with the top models such as power plate at a fraction of the price. In the six weeks since we have bought the vibration plate, and with the help of sensible eating, we have both toned up and have lost weight, without the effort you would put in if you went to the gym. If combined with other exercises, the results are even better. It's a unique piece of equipment that gets results without too much exertion.
Mrs C Brawn, Northamptonshire


We've only had the Vibrostation a couple of weeks now but already were seeing the benefits. It was my wife initially who desperately wanted one as she was a member of David Lloyds and regularly used the Power Plates when we lived in the UK. I was initially a little sceptical but I have to say I've combined the Vibrostation with exercise and it's amazing, you really do start to see and feel the difference almost immediately. I can't recommend it highly enough. We came across the Vibrostation website after some research and we're so glad we did. The product is fantastic and of real quality, the price incredible compared to what other companies are charging and the customer service is excellent. We had our Vibrostation shipped out to Portugal without any problems, delays or hassle. Many thanks for a first class product and service.
Mr S M, Portugal


Many thanks for delivering the vibrostation (to London) on 24th December 2007. My wife is delighted with it (previously, she's been using Powerplate Pro5 at the local beauty parlour in Barcelona). My sister (in Bath) and my parents (in London) were also impressed -they've both placed orders! Ours now safely transported home to Spain - friends already queuing up to have a go. You wouldn't believe how expensive vibration plates are in Spain - there's nothing that can touch vibrostation for price/quality.
Mr N Phillips, Barcelona


We have been delighted with the vibrostation we bought just prior to Christmas 2007. We are a family of 5 with 2 teenagers and have a garage full of gym equipment. We all use the vibration plate and love it. I follow the regime from start to finish and I have found that my hamstrings are much looser than they used to be. It seems to work deep into the muscle and apart from toning it is excellent for stretching after a work out.
The Marks Family, Cornwall


I have now been using Vibrostation for a few months. After extensive research, I bought it to help me with an ongoing chronic condition, fibromyalgia, which is a painful muscular condition. I found over time that any exercise I could do was severely limited and the ensuing pain just wasn't worth it. I was beginning to despair because I felt that I could become really infirm without some form of exercise. I have now found that with gradual use, starting out at 30 seconds on the low setting and increasing in time and intensity over a three month period, the vibrostation has proved to be a Godsend for me. I can exercise my muscles in a short space of time and all in the comfort of my own home! The vibrostation is by far the best machine of its kind on the market for the price and the free delivery is a definite added bonus! A big thank you to all the team
Marian Annett, County Down


As vibrostation is only available to buy on-line and is a considerable amount of money to put on credit card, I was a bit aprehensive about my purchase. However, vibrostation were very helpful and kept in contact. My machine arrived in the Republic of Ireland by delivery company as promised. I now hope to make good use of it.
Mrs M McQuillan, Republic of Ireland


I can't believe how easy the Vibrostation is to use. If the weather is bad and I can't get outside I have a full session on the Vibrostion. It doesn't feel like I am doing very much, it almost feels like cheating but you can certainly feel the benefit afterwards. I have a sedentary job sitting at a desk all day on a computer and my legs and feet used to feel heavy after a day at work but since I have started using the Vibrostation I haven't had a problem. In my leisure time I am a walk leader for the local Ramblers and after a days walking it is great for easing the stiffness out of your muscles
Mrs S Larder, Lancashire


I was born with a mild form of Cerebral Palsy which makes my muscles very tight but makes other forms of exercise very difficult. I have only had my Vibrostation for a matter of months but can already tell the difference that short sessions on the vibrostation are making. After going on the machine my muscles feel much more relaxed making movement easier. I would recommend the machine to others with my condition because it is quick and easy to use but doesn't require movement and you will notice a difference after using it.
Miss H Romain


Vibrostation was the same price as our friends annual gym membership which they don't use. We had tried the gym but like our friends it takes up a lot of your time and you have to make a real effort to go. Our local gym bought a vibration trainer but was charging £10 per go or 10 goes for £50 - So we bought a Vibrostation.. We use the machine regularly and do all the exercises - in the first 3 months I lost an inch from hips waist and chest! I suffered from a knee problem which used to give way when out walking the fells - problem solved. My wife used to have quite bad ankle problems - descending the stairs in the morning barely able to bend them - problem solved. We are both fitter and hopeful that using the machine my wife will protect herself from osteoporosis.
Andrew Holmes, Cumbria


I am absolutely delighted with my vibrostation. I find it so easy to use and am more than happy with the way it is helping to keep me in shape. I have been using the vibrostation for some time and have recently discovered your online training centre with video instructions, which I have found very useful. The vibrostation is a fantastic product at a very competitive price and I would certainly recommend it to my friends and family.
Norma Karalius, Widnes


As a regular gym member I was unsure when I bought my vibrostation a year ago that it would make any difference to my excercise routine. After seing that a Power Plate won gadget of the year on channel five, 'The Gadget Show' I became intereted in the new technology and after an in depth investigation bought the vibrostation and have absolutley no regrets. It has helped me to keep toned, flexible and has had a positve effect on a back injury. I have no problems recommending this product to anyone.
siobhan grantham, Sheffield


For the last 15 years I have been running and doing free weights 4 - 5 times per week. I manage to maintain my ideal weight through doing this but have never seemed to develop any muscle tone or definition until I started using the vibrostation. Within 4 weeks I noticed a big difference in my arms, stomach and legs. The vibrosation has given me the tone and definition that I have always wanted to acheive in such a short period of time and all it takes is 20 minutes 4 x per week. I couldn't be without it now and would recomend the vibrostation to anyone.
Miss L James, Leeds


I've only had the vibrostation a few weeks but I love it. When I only have a few minutes to spare before going out I have to go and use the vibrostation and it really makes me feel like I'm toning up. My husband is due to go skiing at christmas and has said that it is really good for his thigh muscles, strenghening them ready for the skiing. I think that it is one of the best purchases we have made and I'm sure that as time goes on we will be spending more time on it unlike other things that you buy that you just get fed up of.
Gail Kirby, Shropshire


Just a quick note to let you know that my vibrostation and I are getting on like a house on fire. I had used one at my local beauticians for 2 months prior to buying my own. This one is just as good as the one they used. I lost a total of 5.5" within the first month.
Beverley Spencer, Northamptonshire

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