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1.Why should I buy the Vibrostation Home Studio?

Whatever your fitness goals the Vibrostation, vibration plate is the machine for you. Whether you are just starting a new fitness regime or a seasoned athlete, this vibration plate offers a fantastic solution for your needs. Vibration plates are the ‘Buzz’ word in the fitness industry and we offer a high specification ‘quality’ machine at a fantastic price and with first class service.

2.What is so special about this new model?

Vibrostation have manufactured vibration plates for over 10 years. Our aim has always been to provide the latest vibration technology at the best possible price. The first model we introduced to the UK was the Vibrostation ‘original’ that was marketed at a price point of £899 when are comparable machines were selling for over £3,000.

Today we have managed to utilise our knowledge of vibration plate manufacturing to provide a high quality, portable device for less than £400.

3.Can I buy Vibrostation in any store or from a different website?

We only sell the Vibrostation, vibration plate 'direct' on this website or by calling our sales team. This is to ensure the best possible service, delivery and price.

4. What is the difference between Vibrostation and more expensive vibration plates?

Vibrostation is comparable to vibration plates in some cases ten times the price. If you compare the vibration plates you will note that the machines have a similar specification. The reason we can sell the Vibrostation, vibration plate product for ‘less’ is because we cut out the ‘retailer’ who takes a large percentage of the sale. In addition, by dealing direct we can offer you the best service and knowledge of our vibration plate.

5. What is the difference between Vibrostation and cheaper models?

You may have seen cheaper / inferior vibration plates selling online. Vibrostation have manufactured and marketed vibration plates for over 10 years and can guarantee the quality of our equipment! Some of the companies that we have seen selling vibration plates online are not specialists in this field. This means that the products are not comparable in terms of quality. Also in a lot of instances we see that some of these companies will have no maintenance facility to offer any after care for faulty items.

6. How long will my Vibrostation take to arrive?

We offer FREE next day delivery on all orders received before 1.30pm. Orders received after 2pm on a Friday and over the weekend will be sent out on the Monday and received on Tuesday.

7. Can Vibration Training help to stimulate bone strength and help prevent Osteoporosis?

Research has indicated that bone strength has increased after using vibration plates for training and this might be a useful therapeutic way of preventing osteoporosis.

8. Are there any benefits if I am already fit?

Yes – working out with a vibration plate provides resistance training due to the combination of speed and rapid muscle movement increasing the force of gravity your body is pushing against. Bone mass can also be both maintained and repaired (using a vibration plate) serving to strengthen the human frame no matter the users fitness level.

9. How often should I use the Vibrostation, vibration plate?

Every other day for about 10 minutes. As with any exercise regime start off slowly using the vibration plate and build up the intensity.

10. Do you need to assemble Vibrostation?

The Vibrostation Home Studio requires no assembly. You simply need to remove it from the box and plug it in.

11. Where can I use my Vibrostation?

The Vibrostation Home Studio can be used on any surface, upstairs or downstairs. This machine is only 9.7kg in weight.

12. What are the dimensions of Vibrostation?

Vibrostation is a gym specification portable device. The dimensions are: Width 52.5cm, Depth 32cm, Height 18.5cm.

13. What is the cost of delivery?

Delivery is currently FREE OF CHARGE.

14.How do I know the Vibrostation, vibration plate is good quality?

Vibrostation have manufactured vibration plates of the highest quality for over 10 years and sell equipment all over the world. In addition to providing you with a great product and a fantastic price we are confident enough to offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee which means that if you are not totally satisfied you can return your vibration plate.

15. How do I send my Vibrostation back within the first 60 Days?

Simply call our sales team and request the return. Currently there is nothing for you to pay and once we receive the Vibrostation back you will receive a full refund!

16. Who should not use Vibrostation?

Please see our contraindications below. If any of these effect you please refer to your GP to see if you can use Vibrostation, vibration plate.

  • Pregnancy
  • Acute thrombosis conditions
  • Cardio-vascular Disease
  • Artificial / Synthetic Joints
  • Tumours
  • Epilepsy
  • Hernia
  • Severe Diabetes
  • Severe Migraines
  • Recent wounds from surgery
  • Recent Alien implants including, pins, screws, coil artificial limbs, joints etc.

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